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Tools to create an activity.

Each activity-creation tool helps students develop historical thinking skills and gets them thinking like historians. Choose one of the tools below to begin. Then find and insert primary sources and customize the activity to fit your unique students.

DocsTeach activity-creation tools were designed to teach historical thinking skills.

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Finding a Sequence

Present primary sources and challenge students to sequence them based on careful document analysis.…more

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Focusing on Details

Showcase an intriguing document or a pair of documents with tools to guide student thinking and spark classroom conversations.…more

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Making Connections

Present primary sources as a string of documents and help students make connections among those documents and the historical events they illustrate.…more

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Mapping History

Link primary sources to locations on a map to practice spatial thinking and understand the impact of geographic factors in history.…more

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Seeing the Big Picture

Pair documents concerning an event, concept, or figure with descriptions, questions, or other documents to show that the whole is derived from smaller parts.…more

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Weighing the Evidence

Turn primary sources into historical evidence that students sort through and evaluate to draw historical conclusions.…more

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Interpreting Data

Introduce students to primary source documents containing historical data and encourage them to consider the source, the presentation style.…more

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