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Letter from Mrs. E. Jackson in Favor of Voting Rights

Letter from Mrs. E. Jackson in Favor of Voting Rights

Records of the U.S. House of Representatives

Mrs. E. Jackson wrote to the House Judiciary Committee the day after Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama. She was reacting to scenes of police brutality during a voting rights march that many Americans witnessed on television news programs. The interlined handwriting in pencil is likely that of House Judiciary Chairman Emanuel Celler, who was Mrs. Jackson’s representative in Congress and an active supporter of voting rights legislation in the House.

Additional Details from our Exhibits and Publications:

Mrs. E. Jackson wrote this letter to Congress the day after TV news broadcast graphic footage of “Bloody Sunday,” when peaceful voting rights marchers in Selma, Alabama were violently suppressed by state troopers. This horrific event provoked public support for voting rights legislation to enforce the 15th Amendment’s guarantee of the right to vote regardless of race.

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