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Impact of New Deal programs on WWII

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Kate Sutter
Interpreting Data
Historical Era:
The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)
Primary Historical Thinking Skill:
Historical Analysis & Interpretation
blooms taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy:

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Impact of New Deal programs on WWII


Students will view a poster about how the TVA’s electricity is helping manufacture war materials. They will answer 3 questions based on the poster and a fourth over-arching question will be found in the conclusion when they click “I’m Done.”

Author’s Notes

Students will have 3 lower-level thinking questions while viewing the poster, but then they will have to come up with 2 reasons FDR would support the message of the poster. Answers will vary, but some examples might be:

1. airplanes are necessary for dropping bombs 2. the rats represent Axis leaders we are trying to defeat (kill) 3. the TVA is a New Deal program and FDR would be pleased that it was beneficial to the war

Documents in this activity: